Pocono Swords

Pocono Gym

Tobyhanna Shopping Plaza

970 Route 196
Tobyhanna, PA 18466
Pocono Gym



European Historical Swordsmanship training in North East Pennsylvania

HEMA Training

SCA Training




Training in:

German Longsword
Side Sword
Sword and Shield
Great Sword
Two Sword
Knife & Dagger

Theoretical Training and Competitive Sword Fighting .

Historical and Modern Tactical Knife Fighting.

Training for all levels at a very economical price. $20 per class for gym members. $25 per class of non-gym members.



Armored Sword Fighting


Pocono Gym Owner in White Gambeson with Yellow Shield!

With Funny Commentary!

The Sword is strictly a tool of war for the nobility (fighting class) and identified a person a member of the nobility. Peasants and clergy were usually prohibited from carrying a sword for this reason. It takes years of training to learn to use a sword effectively in real combat. Only the nobility had the time and resources to engage in this time consuming training. All equipment will be provided. Various levels of training are available from drilling to full contact sparring in Rapier, Bastard Sword, Sword and Shield.

Bachelor Party Armored Sword Fighting

The Bachelor will be fitted with Medieval Armor trained to fight at full power and full speed over a two hour session.

Here are some videos of armored combat.... Bruises Guaranteed !!!